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Each episode includes a full transcript and visual summary and any resources  mentioned in the episode, click on each episode to hear/read more.

1: Introduction

A Quick Introduction episode on what to expect on upcoming episodes.

5: Rejection or Opinion

What does it mean to be rejected?

9: Making Things Easy & Fun

Beliefs around ‘hard work’ vs. making everything easy and fun

2: Rubber Ducks

Listen to our rubber duck stories and why we see them everywhere we go!

6: Character vs Reputation

Ever been worried about  your reputation?

10: Abundance

Abundance vs. enough

3: Heavy or Light

We discuss how we make decisions based on how we feel – heavy or light.

7: Parking Genie

When you ask the universe for the best parking spot. 

11: Thank you vs. I'm Sorry

Coming May 15, 2019

4: Radical Honesty

How it feels being radically honest – asking for it and giving it.

8: Life Experiments

A 90-day vegan challenge and 365 video project

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