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Dive into a little woo.

A Little woo came from diving into mindset and personal growth. We heard of the common phrase ‘woo woo’ which usually relates to some far out there new-age-y kind of stuff. As we progress down our mindset journey we’d find ourselves saying, “I know this may be a little woo woo, but…”. Breakthroughs happen, jumping outside our comfort zones happen, learning happens. Ya, a lot of stuff happens, especially when we get together – we just feed off each other. 

Ashton & Bernice

We’ve been talking for YEARS how we need to find ways to work together, but in early 2019 we said ‘screw it’ let’s just CREATE an opportunity to do more together!

Ashton has a background in education and visual communication. She is the owner of business Mind’s Eye Creative Consulting where she offers graphic recording and visual learning strategies for organizations worldwide. She gets to draw for a living which thinks is just peachy. 

Bernice is a facilitation and relationship building powerhouse. You’ll typically find her creating amazing opportunity for people to build unique connections. Bernice is someone well respected in her local community for bridging relationship gaps and bringing out people’s strengths and talents. You can learn more about Bernice’s amazing work at Intentionalconnection.ca

a little woo

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