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You Got This


Good Vibes

Personal Growth that feels right for you 

Your Own Pace

Listen to the podcast when you are feeling funky (good or bad kind!) 

Transparency & Authenticity

We’re all friends here. We are open about are ‘stuff’ ! 

Connecting with Like-Minded People

Don’t really understand crystals… that’s ok, us either. Connecting and learning about yourself doesn’t mean you have to go full on WOO,  just a little bit 😉

What Does This Look Like?

Fear Busting

Feeling fear is a good thing, really, trust us. Become the courageous person you were meant to be! 

Shutting up the Voice in Your Head

Impostor Syndrome. The Inner Critic. It has many names but we’ll hush them up and get on with being our awesome selfs. 


Being thankful for everything in your life is MAGIC – come experience this with us! 

Challenging our Beliefs

We all have crazy beliefs and stories that we tell ourselves that simply are not true. Let’s dive into those and squash them flat. 

Money Blocks

Money is the root of all…. freedom. Bringing in more financial abundance into your life! 

a little woo

Thanks for coming by, you’re the best.